For many years I have nurtured an admiration for Chinese pots, and particularly those of the Song Dynasty. For me, the quiet beauty of the celadon glazed pots still speak as powerfully today as they did 800 years ago. The soft and luminous glow generated by the subdued colours and opaque depth of a good celadon glaze provides a strong touchstone of beauty, and an enduring contact with the landscape and our ceramic history. These pots were a simple expression of the materials available to the potters of the day. In my work I hope to emulate some of the soft strength of these classic wares, and at the same time express some of the particular characteristics of the Australian materials available to me.

The intimate connection to the process of finding, processing and utilising local clays and rocks, and transforming them into vessels or objects which may make a contribution to the pleasure of our lives is my inspiration. I attempt to make pots whose simple forms are augmented by the seductive quietness of celadon glazes, creating porcelain that is elegant and functional alongside stoneware that is strong and enduring.